Detailed Product Description

Detailed Product Description

Elementry Lamps are commonly sold in “self construction” packs of interlocking elements made from durable yet elegant white poly-propylene that is washable and reusable.  Packs are also sold in eight additional vibrant colours.  Once constructed, the lamp shades can be connected easily to a standard pendant lamp fitting hanging from the ceiling or alternatively can use a dedicated wire and lamp fitting enabling you to sit the large lamps on a table or on the floor.  Each pack comes with an instruction sheet that provides you with the option of making 22 basic lamp shade designs. There are numerous additional designs and permutations that are also possible with a little thought and creativity.

Available in packs of four different sized elements:

Product Code

Element size

Pack size

Large (L)

23.7 (h) x 18.5 (w) cm


Medium (M)

19.5 (h) x 15.7 (w) cm


Small (S)

14.7 (h) x 11.5 (w) cm


Extra Small (XS)

8.1 (h) x 5.5 (w) cm





Each pack of Large, Medium and Small contains 30 elements which is sufficient to make 15 of the 22 basic designs (see "How to" Page for lamp construction guide).  This is because some of the designs use more than 30 elements and therefore require additional packs to construct.  Packs of Extra Small contain 120 elements enabling you to make all 22 designs from one pack.


The most popular Elementry Lamp design - The Sphere

This is made from 30 elements and is one of the most popular and simple lamps to construct producing lamps with the following dimensions